Installing BlueOnyx

Step 1:  Download the Installer DVD .iso

Step 2:  Boot with the Installer DVD

  • Attach your the DVD you have burned from the ISO image.
    – or –
  • Attach your ISO image directly.
  • The server will boot to the BlueOnyx installation options.

BlueOnyx Installer

Step 3:  Select your installation preference

  • BlueOnyx will automatically partition and format your hard drives.
  • The recommended procedure that most users should choose is “Default Partitions”.
    • WARNING: all data will be erased from the server that you are installing to.
  • Hit “Enter” when you have selected the option you wish to choose.
  • BlueOnyx will now proceed with the installation.  Sit back and relax.

BlueOnyx installation from VIRTBIZ

Step 4:  Reboot when prompted

Step 5:  Log in with default credentials, as displayed on screen

  • BlueOnyx will walk you through a series of questions.  You should know your
    • IP address
    • Subnet mask
    • Gateway
    • DNS Server
  • When you have completed those, the system will prompt for a YUM update.  If you are connected to the Internet, select “Yes”.

Step 6:  Complete setup via web GUI

  • The GUI will be available at your IP address on port 444

BlueOnyx GUI installation

Step 7: