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  1. Login into your customer account at
  2. Once you are logged in, click on Hosting & Domains at the top of the page.
  3. Select "Register" or "Transfer".
  4. To Register:

Type in the name of the domain you would like to purchase and click “Check Availability”.

If the domain is available, add to cart.

You will then be able to choose how many years you would like to register the domain and choose if you would like to register any of the other extensions.

Once you have made your decisions, click “Click to Continue”.

If you would like to purchase hosting for this domain, you may do that at this time by clicking on "order now" to the right of hosting package.

Otherwise, just put in the nameservers where you would like this domain to point and click “Update Cart”.

Your customer information should already be filled in for you.

Continue to the bottom of the page where you can input your payment method.

Be sure to check that you have read the Terms of Service and then hit the button below to complete your order.

5. To Transfer:

A domain name registration transfer is: moving a domain name registration that you currently own from one Registrar to another Registrar.

How to transfer:
First, you will need to contact your current Registrar to have them unlock the domain name and to get the "Authorization Code" (also called the EPP code) from them for the transfer. If needed, please also update your contact information with the current Registrar, so you can approve the transfer request when they email you for confirmation.

Once you have done this, proceed to and type in the domain name that you want transferred.

On the transfer page, enter the Authorization Code (also called the EPP Code) you received from the current Registrar.

IMPORTANT:  Without this, you will be unable to request your domain. This is due to ICANN policy.

IMPORTANT: If your domain name is not unlocked, and you do not provide the "auth code" or "EPP code", your domain will not be transferred.

Proceed to the cart and complete the transaction with your payment.

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