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Why does my colocation service have to move?

Our facility on Canton Street has changed hands.   The new owner has other plans for the property and is not extending our lease.

When does my move have to take place by?

The Canton Street facility will shut down as of Jan 1, 2022.  All transitions should be complete before that time.

Are you going out of business? 

No, VIRTBIZ is very much an ongoing enterprise.   We are simply taking this opportunity to refocus our product offering.

Is there a new owner for the company?

No.   VIRTBIZ remains under the same ownership and management.   We are handing off our colocation services to Negma Business Solutions, Inc, which is a separate organization. 

Do I have to move my installation to Negma?

We highly recommend it!  Although moving to Negma isn't an absolute requirement, colocation customers do have to move out of our Canton Street facility.   Negma offers several advantages, including a robust, raised floor facility, expedited setup, a seamless handoff between providers and the same kind of personalized service that you have grown to expect from VIRTBIZ.

Will my pricing change?

Negma has agreed to honor VIRTBIZ pricing.  You can keep your great rate!

Can my IP addresses be transferred?

If you have your own allocation of IP addresses directly from an RIR (ie: ARIN, RIPE, APNIC, etc) then you can have your IPs routed to the new location.    If you are using IP addresses assigned by VIRTBIZ, you will be issued replacement IP blocks by Negma.

Who pays for the move?

As the owner of colocated hardware, any costs involved with the management of that hardware are borne by you.   This includes moving costs.

Does my equipment have to be un-racked?

In many cases, full rack customers currently installed in rows 2805.08 through 2805.16 can be moved without de-installing from their cabinet.   Cabinets in 2805.17 and 2805.18 cannot be moved loaded due to being over-height.  Check with the VIRTBIZ or Negma support teams if you have questions about your cabinet.   Shared rack / partial rack customers should work with Negma to see if options exist to share a move with other tenants.




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