Welcome, eHostDirect customers

VIRTBIZ Internet Services is pleased to announce the acquisition of eHostDirect’s customerbase.  As a 20-year leader in boutique web hosting, VIRTBIZ is uniquely positioned to provide an excellent level of business continuity to incoming customers while also providing a personal touch.  We’re certain that you may have a few questions about what this change means to you, so we would like to provide a few of the most frequently asked questions for you here.

Q: Why is this happening?
A: The management at eHostDirect has made the strategic decision to exit the webhosting business in order to better pursue other focuses.  VIRTBIZ has been the provider behind eHostDirect and the two organizations have worked closely together in order to provide the best service with the least amount of interruption or inconvenience to you.

Q: How does one pronounce VIRTBIZ?
A: VIRTBIZ is the combination of two words: virtual and business.  Therefore, our name is pronounced just like the first part of syllable of those words if they were to be combined together.  Virt Biz.

Q: Who is this VIRTBIZ, anyhow?
A: We are a family-owned and operated business. We have been in business since 1979, and have been in the hosting business since 1996, so you can be confident we will always be around for our customers.  This is not a fly-by-night outfit.  We own and operate all of our facilities from our headquarters in Dallas, Texas.  VIRTBIZ maintains an A+ accreditation with the Better Business Bureau, Top Webhost recognition from the Dallas Business Journal, and a 5-star rating from Facebook and Ask Webhosting.  We provide service for customers on 5 continents ranging from hobbyists to Fortune 100 enterprises.

Q: Is VIRTBIZ reliable?
A: Yes.  Since we are able to control all aspects of the service that we provide from backbone Internet to electrical service and on-site support staff, we can ensure our customers an extremely high level of uptime.   If you would like to see our backbone uptime as reported by independent monitoring services, please visit https://www.virtbiz.com/support/network-tools/

Q: Will my service change?
A: For the moment, nothing will change at all.   In the near future, we will be making across-the-board upgrades to all hosting packages including additional services and faster servers.   We will not be eliminating any existing services that you have – we will only be adding to that.

Q: Do I have to pay more?
A: We will not be adding any new charges to customers who have already paid their annual fees to eHostDirect.  It is very important to us that we honor that commitment.  As accounts are renewed we will work with customers to be sure we are providing the best level of service at the most reasonable rate.  In some cases customers will see a decrease in pricing, while in other cases there may be an upward adjustment to better reflect market rates.  No matter what, if you’ve already paid for your annual hosting, that pricing remains in place for your term.

Q: How will I be billed?
A: Customers will be invoiced via email, much like you are already accustomed to.   You can manage your account and pay invoices via credit card or PayPal via our Customer Portal at https://www.virtbiz.com/customer

Q: What other services does VIRTBIZ provide?
A: In addition to webhosting, we are also a commercial Internet datacenter capable of providing cloud-based services, dedicated and virtual-private servers (VPS), server colocation, website design assistance and more.   We hope you’ll get to know us, and invite you to read more at https://www.virtbiz.com/about/

Q: Where do I go for support?
A: You can gain support via our Customer Portal at https://www.virtbiz.com/customer.  Alternatively, you can use our direct link to our Support Ticket System here:  https://www.virtbiz.com/support/index.php?/Tickets/Submit   It’s not necessary to log in – anyone can submit a ticket.

Of course, we’re sure that you may have other questions for us and invite you to bring those to our attention.  Our dedicated crew is always here to help.