VIRTBIZ telephone contact numbers

UPDATE: 06/23/2015, 8:00AM:  Our “usual” phone number of 972-485-4125 is back online after porting to internal systems


Our advertised phone numbers are currently offline, and we are working with the impacted carriers to resolve this as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, please make note of our numbers in case you need to contact us:
VIRTBIZ Office: 214-461-2601
VIRTBIZ FAX:  214-461-2606

We have maintained our 972-485-4125 office number and 972-485-4140 fax number since 1997.  When we moved locations in 2001, and then to our own building in 2007 we received new landline numbers due to moving into different service areas.  For continuity purposes, we kept the old numbers and had them ported so that our customers were not required to learn new numbers for us.

In 2007 we ported the 972-485 numbers to a service provider simply for call-forwarding.  Keep in mind this was at a time when VOIP was just becoming mainstream, and the world of phone numbers was different than it is now!

The carrier responsible for our forwarding has apparently encountered difficulty with their trunking.  Inbound calls began to fail the morning of Friday, June 19.  Unfortunately, we have not been able to achieve any meaningful response from them on restoration of service.  Over the weekend we have made arrangements to bring the numbers in-house to our own systems.  This requires porting the numbers away from the outgoing carrier, and on landlines this process can take a few days.

We anticipate our regular numbers that everyone knows and loves to be restored shortly.  In the meantime, we want to be sure our alternative contact numbers are in your hands.

VIRTBIZ Office: 214-461-2601
VIRTBIZ FAX:  214-461-2606

We hope that you have not been caused any inconvenience or confusion by this issue.
As always, thank you for your business.  We’re proud to be your service provider.