My email is rejected with code RELAYBLOCK-B
Posted by Chris Gebhardt on May 05 2007 02:27 PM
If you are sending email to a VIRTBIZ customer, and your email was rejected with the code "RELAYBLOCK-B", this indicates that your ISP has been implicated in verified Unsolicited Commercial Bulk Email (or "spam") complaints from our customers.

The bounce message you received also contains a message such as the following:


If you look after the RELAYBLOCK-B code, you will see the name of the ISP that is being rejected, followed by the range of IP addresses that are contained in the block. The date in parenthesis indicates the date that the block was put into place.

Please note that this does not necessarily indicate that YOU have sent spam, but your ISP or email service provider has sent a large enough volume to warrant blacklisting.

If you are attempting to send legitimate email communication that is being rejected with RELAYBLOCK-B, we recommend that the ISP or server administrator contact VIRTBIZ for assistance and delisting. VIRTBIZ will reserve the right to reinstate blacklisting on any ISP or IP range that continues to send unwanted emails to our customers.

CLICK HERE to request a delisting investigation.
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