Email is rejected with "Spam blocked by RBL"
Posted by VIRTBIZ Support - Stuart on July 01 2013 02:05 PM

If you are sending email to a VIRTBIZ customer, and your email was rejected with the code  "Spam blocked by RBL", this indicates that your email server's IP address is listed in the Spamhaus family of anti-spam blacklists.   Please note that your email server's inclusion on a Spamhaus list does not imply an accusation of spamming or malicious action on your part.  However, if your email server does appear on one of their lists, it is likely that either there has been some sort of compromise on your email server or one of the other users on the server, or your ISP has indicated that no email service should originate from the IP.  

Since Spamhaus is a 3rd party organization and we do not have any oversight or influence over their actions, we recommend that your email administrator take steps to correct this issue.

To learn more about the Spamhaus ZEN list, please visit

To look up your server's IP address and request delisting from Spamhaus, please see

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