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Here is a quick how-to for installing a Wildcard SSL / Wildcard Certificate on BlueOnyx. This applies to 5106R, 5107/5207R, 5108/5208R and 5209R versions.

  • Log into BlueOnyx GUI, click to Site Management for the site you
    wish to add the wildcard certificate for.
  • Create a signing request (it is sometimes helpful to create a
    self-signed request to pre-load the certificate files). The
    certificate should be just for the hostname of the individual site.
    This is not the wildcard, but merely a placeholder to initialize SSL
    within CCE.
  • When the CSR is created, you may discard the download.
  • Log in via shell (SSH) to your BlueOnyx server, and browse to
    /home/sites/SITE-NAME/certs (where SITE-NAME is the name of the site
    from the steps above).
  • Run the following command:
    openssl req -new -newkey rsa:2048 -keyout key -nodes -out request
  • Input the appropriate answers for:
    • Country Name (2 letter code)
    • State or Province Name (full name)
    • Locality Name (eg, city)
    • Organization Name (eg, company)
    • Organizational Unit Name (eg, section) OPTIONAL
    • Common Name (eg, your name or your server's hostname) should be
      *.SITE-NAME. ie: If your site name is, then input
    • Email Address is the email address you would like your certificate
      sent to.
    • SKIP the challenge password and optional company name fields. Just
      hit Enter through those.
    • Your CSR is now created under the filename "request". Copy the
      entire contents of that field and paste it into your certificate
      provider's CSR field and continue with the order process.
    • Restart CCE to jog the new certificate request into BlueOnyx
      service cced.init restart
      systemctl restart cced.init
    • When you have received your certificate back from the CA provider,
      IMPORT the certificate as normal via the BlueOnyx control panel.

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