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IMAP stands for Internet Message Access Protocol. It is a method of accessing email messages that are kept on a mail server. In other words, it permits a "client" email program (such as Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird or Eudora) to access remote message stores as if they were local. For example, email stored on an IMAP server can be manipulated from a desktop computer at home, a workstation at the office, and a notebook computer while traveling, without the need to transfer messages or files back and forth between these computers.

These instructions were created using Microsoft Outlook 2003. Outlook users with versions other than Outlook 2003 will find these instructions to have minor differences, depending on the version used. These instructions are also valid for Outlook Express (Windows98 - WindowsXP) and Microsoft Mail (Windows Vista) although some minor changes to the procedure may be necessary depending on your software. Please consult your email software's documentation for further assistance.

If you would like to use Outlook , then create a new account using the following step-by-step procedure:

1. Open Microsoft Outlook and click on the Tools menu, choose Email accounts.

2. Select Add a new email account and choose Next.

3. Select IMAP and then choose Next.

4. Your incoming and outgoing email servers are both "mail.YOURDOMAINHERE" Fill those in then click Next. (replace YOURDOMAINHERE with your actual domain. For example, if your domain is virtbiz.com, you would use mail.virtbiz.com)

5. Click Finish and you're done.

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