VIRTBIZ is very proud of to be a part of the Deep Ellum community.  Over the weekend, our neighborhood was host to the annual “Tap N Run” 4K.  This event is loosely defined as a “race” (4 kilometers or 2.5 miles) with “chug stations” strategically placed at the Start and on the race route where […]

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USR Courier HST

US Robotics Courier HST

Back in the olden days, we did not have easy commercial access to the Internet.   If one wanted to connect a computer to resources on another computer, that was often done through a point-to-point connection, be it dial-up or dedicated. Our parent company was using modems and remote access before it was cool.   One of […]

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Electrical System Preventive Maintainence Report

Faulty Disconnect Switch

As part of our ongoing preventive maintenance protocol, VIRTBIZ has recently completed an extensive electrical systems audit with our contractor, LED Enterprises, Inc.  This comprehensive review was performed over the course of a two-week period and involved detailed monitoring and analysis as well as a complete inspection of the system from the utility service entrances […]

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DDoS close-out report 03/18/2014

On Tuesday, March 18 2014, we sent you our initial incident report for the service degradation in connection with a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack.   This is the final email report that you will receive regarding this incident.

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DDoS Incident Report 03/18/2014

Earlier today, our datacenter was one of several locations that was impacted by a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack. This email is intended to explain what happened and the steps that are being taken to further understand the incident and prevent future occurrence.

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Updates to VIRTBIZ account management system

We wanted to let you know about some updates and improvements that we have made to our online customer account management system. First off, we heard from some customers that the password-reset function for the customer portal at https://www.virtbiz.com/customer was not always working as expected.   We were able to track down a bug that caused […]

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VMware NTP vulnerability

VMware Vshpere (ESX / ESXi) hosts are shipped with a version of NTP that is vulnerable to NTP Amplification Attacks.   This can lead to the host being used to conduct a DDoS attack or alternately become the target of such an attack. More about the exploit is available from the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team […]

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Telephone issues

Our telephone provider for our 972-485-4125 number is having an outage.  In the meantime, our toll-free 866-485-4125 and 214-461-2601 numbers are working normally.

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Dallas Colocation customers receiving tax statements

Dallas Colocation customers receiving tax statements

As a company located within the boundaries of the Dallas Central Appraisal District (DCAD), VIRTBIZ Internet Services is required to comply with Section 22.04(a) of the Texas Property Tax Code.   We receive instructions from the Chief Appraiser each January to file a report listing the name and address of each owner of property located in […]

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BlueOnyx is here!

Now offering Dedicated and VPS with BlueOnyx. BlueOnyx is a brand new hosting platform based on CentOS5 and the BlueQuartz project. BlueOnyx aims at delivering a turnkey server appliance for webhosting. For a limited time, we are offering promotional specials on BlueOnyx dedicated servers and BlueOnyx VPS. CLICK HERE for more information!

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