BlueOnyx FTP temporarily disabled

BlueOnyx users may be temporarily prevented from using FTP due to a bug in a recent security patch.   The security patch is intended to eliminate POOTLE / POODLE vulnerability in the SSL v3 protocol.  Unfortunately, the updates caused some unintended consequences that resulted in FTP service not operating properly.    The BlueOnyx development team is working […]

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Hurricane Evacuation Specialists – Dallas Colo is Safe Haven!

Hurricane Evacuation Specialists - Dallas Colo is Safe Haven!

Hurricane season is upon us again. VIRTBIZ understands that there are many issues facing businesses and IT managers who rely on their data facility. Now is an excellent time to consider the advantages that colocation or dedicated servers based in our Dallas datacenter can offer. Our datacenter is located in downtown Dallas, Texas and is […]

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DAL1 NOC, then and now

DAL1 NOC, then and now

In some ways, it feels like just yesterday that we moved into DAL1 on Canton Street.   And in other ways, it feels as though we’ve just always been here.   It’s good to be home, but sometimes it’s fun to look back.   To that end, we have a picture of our NOC (Network Operations Center) as […]

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Why we use a ticketing system

Ever since VIRTBIZ first got our start in the hosting business way back in 1996, we’ve placed a strong emphasis on the support service that we provide to our customers.  Every service provider tends to have a unique take on the way that they provide their support.  We learned early on that it was advantageous […]

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Street work and repairs near our property

The City of Dallas is undertaking a street repair project on Clover Street, which provides access to our back parking lot , customer entry and loading dock areas at the DAL1 (2805 Canton Street) facility.   At various times until August 2014, the city may close the street in order to effect asphalt repair and replacement.   […]

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Network Maintenance Notification for 05/10/2014

VIRTBIZ will be performing network maintenance during the overnight hours between Saturday, May 10 and Sunday, May 11.  The maintenance window is designed to address hardware upgrades within our Cisco GSR-series routing core as well as firmware updates to fiber interconnection nodes at our DAL1 and DTX-901 facilities.  Due to the scope of work to […]

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Electric infrastructure maintenance for May 5, 2014

UPDATE: May 5, 2014, 11:20AM This project has been completed without incident.  The work was successful and the maintenance window is closing early. From April 30, 2014, 10:00AM: VIRTBIZ will conduct emergency maintenance on a critical electrical system component on Monday, May 5, 2014 from 8:00AM until approximately 12:00PM. The failing component is a key […]

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VIRTBIZ is very proud of to be a part of the Deep Ellum community.  Over the weekend, our neighborhood was host to the annual “Tap N Run” 4K.  This event is loosely defined as a “race” (4 kilometers or 2.5 miles) with “chug stations” strategically placed at the Start and on the race route where […]

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USR Courier HST

US Robotics Courier HST

Back in the olden days, we did not have easy commercial access to the Internet.   If one wanted to connect a computer to resources on another computer, that was often done through a point-to-point connection, be it dial-up or dedicated. Our parent company was using modems and remote access before it was cool.   One of […]

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Electrical System Preventive Maintainence Report

Faulty Disconnect Switch

As part of our ongoing preventive maintenance protocol, VIRTBIZ has recently completed an extensive electrical systems audit with our contractor, LED Enterprises, Inc.  This comprehensive review was performed over the course of a two-week period and involved detailed monitoring and analysis as well as a complete inspection of the system from the utility service entrances […]

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